Reebok: Are They Best Shoes For Crossfit Available in 2017?

reebok crossfit shoesReebok CrossFit footwear are probably the best known line of best CrossFit shoes on the market today;

Athletes wear them in the CrossFit Games and logging more than 18 months in research and design, they were the world’s first shoes designed by and for CrossFitters.   

But are they really any good? And if so, what makes them so?

This post will outline the two types of Reebok CrossFit shoes – the CrossFit Nano and the CrossFit OLY – pointing out their strengths and weaknesses. 

Ultimately, you’ll find out why Reebok CrossFit shoes are, in fact, great shoes, and more importantly, which model is best for your needs.

Here is quick review of Nano 7:

And Rich Froning on Previous line Reebok 3.0: